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Turning The Page

One day, John Strait (Father of singer George Strait) distributed Gideon Bibles in a prison in Dilley, Texas. A prisoner accepted one, but later when another worker, Jerry Horn of San Antonio, visited, the inmate needed another copy. The pages were all gone from the old one; only the covers remained. “What happened?” Jerry asked. The prisoner replied, “I used ... Read More »

Why I’m an optimist ~ Billy Graham

Many years ago I was visiting the dining room of the United States Senate. As I was speaking to various people, one of the senators said, “Billy, we’re having a discussion about pessimism and optimism. Are you a pessimist or an optimist?” I smiled and said, “I’m an optimist.” He asked, “Why?” I replied, “I’ve read the last page of ... Read More »

Apply for Summer Research School (BSRS 2016)- Norway

The Bergen Summer School 2016 will focus on one of the most urgent issues in the contemporary world: Water. Courses at BSRS 2016 include; Climate change and water Modelling the complexities of water, climate and society Poverty, climate change and water in the context of SDGs River basins, power and law The ocean, climate and society Religion and water Water ... Read More »

Disturbing Statistics on South Africa Alcohol Abuse

Statistics on alcohol abuse by South Africans are alarming; South Africa has the highest number of drunk-driving accidents in the world. According to WHO, 58% of road deaths are linked to alcohol. South Africa drinks 53% more than the rest of Africa The WHO ranks South Africa fourth highest internationally when to comes to the riskiest drinking patterns Alcohol is ... Read More »

Your 2016 Goals.

By Mayowa Ajaguna, Dear Friends, Year 2015 is almost over and we are about ushering in Year 2016. Many of us have the goals we want to achieve in 2016 right there in our mind. We need to do better in the new year by first of all write down those goals (Habakuk 2:2). My Pastor, Sam Adeyemi encouraged us ... Read More »

Africa must tackle Corruption Mindset

Yes, today is a day for us to celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ however, I can’t just stop thinking about how corruption is holding us back in Africa. *According to Transparency International (TI), 75 million people in Sub-Saharan Africa paid a bribe in 2014. For example, seven out of 10 people paid bribes to access ... Read More »

Room for Jesus.

      “She brought forth her firstborn Son, … and laid Him in a manger, because there was no room for them in the inn” ~ Luke 2: 7. No room for Jesus? No room for the King of kings? No, but room for others and for other things. There was no room for Jesus in the world that ... Read More »

Jesus wants you to witness to others

Child of God, I have a question to ask you today. When last did you tell someone about your Savior and Lord? Perhaps you can’t remember. Then start right now. understand that you don’t need permission from anyone or any organization before you tell the world about your encounter with the Savior. Don’t let anyone tell you that you need ... Read More »

Come to me ~ Charles Spurgeon

The call of the Christian faith is the gentle word “Come.” Conversely, the Jewish law harshly said, in effect, “Carefully guard your steps and the path in which you walk. Break the commandments and you will perish, but keep them and you will live.” The law was administered with terror, driving people to follow it through the threat of scouring ... Read More »