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Oby Ezekwesili’s scorecard of President Buhari’s administration.

Security — Great job. Optimistic. ChibokGirls– Very Disappointing. SAD. Anti-Corruption: Outstanding. Very promising. Get some quick convictions. Economic Policy Direction & Management: Still incoherent. Worrying. Human Development: Seems the FG is “still booting”. Health & Education need SPEED. Infrastructure Development: Great Prospects. Big Ideas. Exciting. Impatient optimism Reform of Bureaucracy for Competent Execution & RESULTS: Tepid. Needs BOLD IDEAS. Obiageli ... Read More »

Dust off those running shoes.

Recent research has found that inactivity, whether you are overweight or not, reduces your chance of a long life. Just a brisk 20- minutes’ walk a day can apparently make a 16% to 30% difference. So dust off those running shoes. The report which was taken from the American Journal for Clinical Nutrition found that physical inactivity could have been ... Read More »

The Catch-22 of Reputation Management: The M-Net Case.

By Abosede ‘Badeniyi. South Africans welcomed 2016 with a sporadic social media frenzy, which was climaxed by the Gareth Cliff versus M-Net debacle. The host of the South African version of ‘Idols’ claimed to have axed Gareth, one of four of the judges of the reality talent show in the name of protecting its ‘brand’  from public boycott, due to Gareth’s alleged ‘racist’ comment ... Read More »

‘Five Wisdom at The Red Sea’

God is a loving Father however He sometimes allows challenges and difficulties to tone our spiritual and faith muscles.   Instead of complaining over inconveniences or discomfort, trust God and give thanks!   When you feel trapped, don’t give in to despair rather stand still and see the salvation of the LORD!   When you see no way out of ... Read More »

Beware of the brainwashing.

Billy Graham writes “The world by its advertisements, its conversation, and its philosophy is engaged in a gigantic brainwashing. Not always consciously but sometimes unconsciously, the Christian is beset by secular and worldly propaganda, calling us to live for ourselves and to put things and selfish pleasures ahead of God. The world’s sewage system threatens to contaminate the stream of ... Read More »

Jim Rohn’s Six Essentials of a Good Life.

What are the values that make up the foundation of a life well lived. What would constitute a good life? Mind you it is not money or paycheck. The ultimate expression of life is not a Mercedes and it is not a million dollar. However,  Jim Rohn has a short list: Productivity. You won’t be happy if you don’t produce. The game ... Read More »

Are You Jesus?

I received this write up from a friend yesterday night. It was amazing and powerful. So I decided to share it with you! I am sure it will touch your heart like it did to mine. A few years ago a group of salesmen went to a regional sales convention in Chicago .. They had assured their wives that they ... Read More »