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The Chinese Woman and The Attacking Tigress

I recently read the story of a poor Chinese woman who went up to the foothills to cut grass. Her baby was tied to her back and a little child walked beside her. Just as she reached the top of a hill, she heard a roar. Frightened, she turned and saw a mother tigress springing at her, followed by her ... Read More »

Research Training Fellowship for Developing Country Scientists (RTF-DCS): Deadline for Application: 17th June 2016.

Interested scientists from developing countries should apply for NAM S & T Centre Research Training Fellowship (RTF-DS). The RTF-DCS Programme aims at capacity building of the developing countries in the fields of Science & Technology through the affiliation of their scientists with Indian scientific and academic Centres of Excellence.   The salient features of the RTF-DCS programme are as follows: ... Read More »

Leading and Winning in a VUCA World.

We live in a VUCA world. These are times when it seems things are getting out of control. VUCA, an acronym developed by the U.S. Army War College in the late 1990 refers to the volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous nature of political relations in the post-cold war era. Examples of VUCA issues recently described by Richard Bolden, Professor of ... Read More »

Celebrate your work.

Not long ago, I bought a tool box along with some important instruments – such as hammer, electric drill and others –  to try ‘Do It Yourself – DIY’ in the house. However, I soon realized that I couldn’t fix difficult faults, I had to call the carpenter and the plumber that had been trained to do the work.  Their ... Read More »

Did you Know?

Artificial food (or processed food) has become Public Enemy No. 1 to many consumers however the importance of processed food can never be overemphasized. *Food processing makes many foods available that we could not otherwise eat. Without food processing we would not have the large variety of food products we see on supermarket and store shelves. It enables the year-round ... Read More »

Be A Change Agent.

According to a dictionary definition, a change agent is someone who alters human capability or organizational systems to achieve a higher degree of output or self-actualization. From this definition it is visible that change agents are not afraid to break status quo and to think out of the box. They invest in what matters and if they are Christians, they ... Read More »

SANCOR Postdoctoral Fellowship & Travel Award 2016

Postdoctoral Fellowship SANCOR promotes the development of emerging scientists by offering postdoctoral fellowships to conduct research in the marine and coastal environment. The objectives of the fellowship programme are to encourage and develop young researchers and offer them the opportunity to further their careers by gaining professional research experience and in so doing produce highly skilled scientists to build capacity ... Read More »

The Societal Role of the Church.

How do you see the church? Is it a place we go regularly to worship God? It is more than that. The church is the community of redeemed and spiritual people who are passionate about loving God and people. According to Jabulani Sikhakhane, a South African business writer, the church should touch almost other aspects of people’s lives including the ... Read More »