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A winner; that is who you are.

Dieter Kurtenback, Fox News sport writer, was so sure of himself when he wrote few weeks back “The Cavaliers cannot win these NBA Finals. Frankly, they’d be lucky to win a game.” He was wrong! After 52 years without a professional sports victory, LeBrown James led the Cleveland Cavaliers to a 93-89 win over the Golden State Warriors in a ... Read More »

Lufefe Nomjana: Tackling Youth Unemployment Through Innovation.

Apart from getting private sector and government to work together aggressively to create an environment conducive to job creation and skills development, encouraging young people to buy in into innovation (creativity + entrepreneurship) is perhaps the most important way to tackle youth unemployment in any country. That was why I was excited when I met Lufefe, a young entrepreneur early ... Read More »

Christians Should Support Gender Equality.

According to Wikipedia, gender equality (also known as sex equality, gender egalitarianism, sexual equality, or equality of the genders) is the view that both men and women should receive equal treatment and not be discriminated against based on their gender. So, should Christians support gender equality? Absolutely. Jesus Christ didn’t discriminate against women neither should His followers. Scripture says “There ... Read More »

A hard life? Yes, but a happy one. Billy Graham

Following Christ is a hard, rugged life. There is nothing easy about it. The moment you come to Jesus Christ you enter into the thick of the biggest warfare in the universe. It is a battle every day. And unless you go out every morning with the Word of God in your heart, you are going to lose this battle. ... Read More »

Personalize Ephesians Prayer.

One reason why I like Scriptural prayer is that it is impossible to pray amiss when you do it. You sure know that you are praying according to the will of God. So, if you are thinking of Scriptural prayer to consider, I present to you Ephesians prayer. It is perhaps the most important prayer in the New Testament. I ... Read More »

Who led the pilot to safety?

I recently read the true story of a Christian who was flying his plane and then realized that it was low on fuel. He contacted the air traffic controller and asked for assistance to land. But he was told that he could not land because there was a heavy fog. Then, the radio went silent and the plane entered the ... Read More »

Keep Calm and Pray.

I recently bought a book containing more than 120 quotes on prayer. Quotes that remind us that we can trust God and confidently pray even in the most difficult times, knowing that He is with us and will carry us through. In this week gold nugget, I share with you 12 quotes that stood out for me in the book. ... Read More »