Monthly Archives: December 2016

Seven Steps To Make Godly Resolutions

It is good to make godly resolutions however it is great to keep them. These seven steps will help you keep on the right road with God through the new year. Relationship: Reaffirm your relationship with God. Your relationship with God is the most important thing in life. Value it and nurture it. Review: Reflect on the past year and ... Read More »

Christmas: A time to reflect.

Christmas presents an opportunity to reflect on the most important and wonderful event in history which is the birth of the Saviour. It is also a season to contemplate about Jesus’s life and mission while He was here and most importantly His second coming. Someone wrote “With tiny winkles and cries, He entered the world and, wrapped in strips of ... Read More »

Fear Nothing but God.

If you have opportunity to visit Copenhagen in Denmark, make sure you see Nyhavn, “New Harbour”, a picturesque port area from the 17th century with old coloured houses and cobblestones. One of the notable houses there is no 20, where Hans Christian Andersen used to live. Although Andersen was a prolific writer of plays, travelogues, novels, and poems, he is ... Read More »

Helping The Children.

On the second of December 2016, the Mandela Children’s Hospital in Parktown, Johannesburg South Africa was opened. It is South Africa’s second hospital catering exclusively to children besides the Red Cross Children’s Hospital in Cape Town. The state-of-the-art facility, which cost R1 billion to build and equip, will be free to those who cannot afford it. Most of the operating ... Read More »

A must see video: Prof PLO Lumumba on Africa!

Prof PLO Lumumba (from Kenya) speaks on a lot of interesting and important issues particularly how Africa can move forward. Notable quotes from his speech: “You are not successful unless your successor succeeds” “Buhari should see himself as a transition president. He should do one time and groom a great successor” “African problem is a failure of leadership” He also ... Read More »

My Seven Days Trip to Nigeria – Reflecting Back.

When SELAMAT, a food safety network (with a secretariat office in Wageningen) invited me recently to give a presentation at a Conference and Workshop on Food Safety at the Federal University of Agriculture Abeokuta in Nigeria, I said bring it on… I arrived Nigeria with South Africa Airways on Saturday, 19th of November 2016, around 9pm. The arrival hall was ... Read More »