Monthly Archives: June 2017

Position yourself for opportunity.

I once bought five shares of Naspers in 2013 but sold four afterwards. If I blame myself – for selling instead of purchasing more – from now till tomorrow nothing is going to happen. However, I can decide to buy again what I sold. The fact is life happens. We make mistakes and miss opportunities. But instead of worrying about ... Read More »

Cling To Possibility.

Elisha was an effective replacement who not only learned from his master, but also built upon his master’s achievements because he had an encounter and relationship with the God of his master. His life is a reminder that God is all powerful and that nothing in life is beyond His control, not even death. Two miracles that God performed through ... Read More »

Defy Every Odd.

You may not have heard of Naspers but you probably have DSTV in your home, a service that is provided by Naspers. Naspers is a broad-based multinational internet and media group, offering services in more than 130 countries. Its principal operations are in Internet communication, video entertainment and print media. When Naspers was R500 per share on JSE in 2013, ... Read More »

Reinvent and Stay Relevant.

How do we stay relevant in the technologically enhanced world or in the nearest future that will be more challenging as we compete with Artificial Intelligence also known as robots. John Rupert, the billionaire who controls Cartier Owner Richemont, envisions a future in which humans are displaced by robots in the workplace and have all the time in the world ... Read More »