Monthly Archives: July 2017

Make a difference with compassion.

We all have customers that we should genuinely care about and serve well. For example, if you are a lecturer, your students are your customers or If you are a medical doctor, your patients are your customers. And see this: If you are a believer, souls are your customers. In Jeff Bezos’s latest letter to his shareholders, the amazon founder ... Read More »

Forgive and forget.

I once posted on Facebook: “There are three types of people; (1) those that don’t forgive and forget (2) those that forgive but don’t forget and (3) those that forgive and forget.” Julian Assange represents the first type of people. After Swedish authorities dropped a rape charge against him, Julian who is also the Wikileaks founder said “Detained for seven ... Read More »

Never too late to achieve your dream.

I recently watched The Founder, a movie by Michael Keaton. It is the true story of how Ray Kroc, a struggling salesman from Illinois USA, turned Mac and Dick McDonald’s fast food restaurant into a billion dollar empire and the most successful fast food corporation in the world. Ray was able to achieve this great feat because he had a ... Read More »

From Hell to Heaven.

One thing common to London and Portugal in the last few weeks is a devastating fire outbreaks that claimed lives and property.   In 1Portugal, Betty Jesus, a 50-year-old Venezuelan who has lived in the area where the incident occurred said “I have witnessed a lot of fires, but never like this. The way it spread, the speed.” While the 2Grenfell ... Read More »

Life lessons from Edgar Holder.

On the 27th of June, Facebook reminded me about a post I shared about a year ago. It was from Pastor Edgar Holder’s message. Before moving to the seven lessons-post, let’s me introduce Edgar Holder. As a young man, he moved from Surinam to the Netherlands in the early seventies with determination to study medicine at the University of Leiden. ... Read More »

Position yourself for opportunity.

I once bought five shares of Naspers in 2013 but sold four afterwards. If I blame myself – for selling instead of purchasing more – from now till tomorrow nothing is going to happen. However, I can decide to buy again what I sold. The fact is life happens. We make mistakes and miss opportunities. But instead of worrying about ... Read More »