Monthly Archives: October 2017

Live Intentionally.

Intentional living has been on my mind for some time now. The reason why I shared these two quotes on social media recently “Live intentionally! Read your Bible, pray always, reach out to needy or defenseless people, invest your talent, resources and time wisely.” and “Be intentional about taking at least 10000 steps daily this week #exercise” Before I go ... Read More »

Life lessons from Oliver Reginald Tambo.

OR Tambo, the longest serving ANC president was born about 100 years ago in the village of Nkantolo In Bizana in eastern Pondoland in what is now Eastern Cape, South Africa. Tambo dedicated his life to the liberation of the Africans and especially South Africans. He was a visionary and a leader per excellence who thought of the people before ... Read More »

Make full use of your potential.

We must have come across or read about people that had a lot of opportunites, talent and potential but yet failed to maximize them or make full use of them. One of such people with tremendous potential is the Biblical Samson. Born as a result of God’s plan to do a great work for God and deliver His people. However, ... Read More »

Prosperity is part of the package.

After reading, Costi Hinn’s interesting article – Benny Hinn is my uncle, but prosperity preaching isn’t for me – in, I shared it on my Facebook page and asked whether my friends agree with Costi. Unlike me who didn’t agree with everything Costi said, majority of those that responded agreed with him…I do believe God wants all of us ... Read More »

Marx and Hefner.

Two popular figures; Karl Marx and Hugh Hefner, have been on my mind of recent. The latter passed on the 27th of September at the age of 91… I have been asking these questions. How did a boy (Karl) born of Jewish parents (adopted Christianity when he was six), and who could not quite forget Jesus’ concern for “the least ... Read More »

What do you see?

The optical illusion, called ‘Kaninchen and Ente’ in German, is more than 100 years old. The image is the face of both the rabbit and the duck. Perhaps you have seen the image before. What did you see first? For me, I saw the duck face appear but shortly thereafter the rabbit. You might have seen the rabbit first signifying ... Read More »