Monthly Archives: December 2017

The Art of Gratitude

The Yorubas in Nigeria usually say “Ẹni ti ó bá mọ inú rò, á mọ ọpẹ́ dá” meaning “whoever can think/reason will know how to give thanks.” I agree with the saying completely. When we think in the right way, we will be grateful. I recently read George Clooney’s reply to an interview.  You will see a ‘grateful thinker’. Go ... Read More »

The most special month

When I was a kid, December was a very special month. Special clothes were bought for us to wear on Christmas Day which we called “Odun Kekere” and also for the new year day which we called “Odun nla.” Apart from beautiful clothes, there was eating and drinking galore during this season along with visits to friends and families. We ... Read More »

Take a break and sharpen your saw

I recently read the story of two neighbors who lived near each other in the mountains. They were quite competitive and always testing each other’s strength. One day, the first neighbor challenged the second to see who could chop the most wood in three hours. The second neighbor agreed to the challenge. The first man started out strong. As he ... Read More »

Conquer Your Fear & Limitation

I recently read David Birrell’s letter to his physiotherapist. See it below: “In those dark days after I lost my legs, you made me see that I could live in fear or be fearless. When all I wanted was to look back, You turned my heads forwards. You inspired me to dream I could run, with passion to inspire others. ... Read More »

Fight back with wisdom and worship

Charlie Fry, a 25-year-old Briton was surfing on Monday the 13th of November, 2017 with three others at Avoca Beach in New South Wales State, north of Sydney, Australia when a shark jumped out of the water and hit him in the right shoulder. However, Charlie fought back. He punched it in the face and he was able to surf ... Read More »

Favour: The Difference Maker

I have learnt that where your brilliance or intelligence can’t take you, God’s favour will get you there. Also, without favour, we soon find out that being so good is not enough although there is no reason not be good, brilliant or intelligent. In fact, people that are favoured by God and men are not unexceptional. Vala Afshar, Chief Digital ... Read More »