Monthly Archives: June 2018

Our Workshop – Turn Your Research to a Profitable Startup was a success

The workshop held on the 23rd of June was a success. About 54 people most of which are Masters, PhD and postdoctoral students attended. Participants listening to Dr Mark answer a question   Participants interacting during tea break Greeting participants during tea break Our Guest speaker: Our Guest speaker at #OperationTransformWorkshop. Dr Oluyomi Ajayi. He is an industrial and systems engineer ... Read More »

What to do when you don’t know what to do

They were tens of thousands of feet above the earth, they knew they could die after the plane’s left engine exploded after one of its fan blades broke off. A gust of shrapnel blew out a window, partly sucking one passenger in Row 14 headfirst into the sky. However, the Southwest Airlines passengers clasped hands with their fellow passengers and ... Read More »

You made a mistake; and so what? Just learn from it and move on

Innovation is a word that is commonly used by politicians, policy makers, business and industry leaders today but if you must innovate, you have got to be ready to make mistakes. Jeff Jarvis (Author of What would Google Do?) wrote “Being willing to be wrong is a key to innovation….mistakes can be valuable; perfection is costly. The worst mistake is ... Read More »

What is your one thing?

Whether when we started a Christian fellowship at St John Mary’s Unity Secondary School, Owo or Promise Keepers’ branch at Federal University of Technology, Akure or when we were nominated to pastor the then new Redeemed Christian Church Parish – Latter Rain Parish-  in Akure even though I was (am) not called to be a pastor; or at every available ... Read More »

Consistency: Secret of Outstanding Success

In 1978, Jadav Payeng began planting a tree every day for 37 years. The outcome is simply breathtaking. Like Jadav when you consistently do the right thing day after day, month after month and year after year you will achieve outstanding success. No where is the importance of consistency evident than in long-term investing. It is rewarded by compounding interest- ... Read More »