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Let your belief transform your community

I once visited Logan, a city in Utah, USA. It is about two hours drive from Salt Lake City Airport. One beautifully strange thing about Logan is this: Buses are free. You can catch Buses to anywhere in the city without paying even a dime. Although Buses don’t operate on Sundays and special holidays like the holiday on July 4 ... Read More »

I know this about your future

Beloved, child of God, I don’t know everything about your future, but I know the most important parts which are: God will be with you Christ will intercede for you The Holy Spirit will empower you. God will supply your needs The risen Lord will protect you The love of God will keep you All things will work for your ... Read More »

It’s in our hands to make the world a better place

In his autobiography, Long Walk to Freedom, Nelson Mandela, agreeably the greatest African that ever lived concluded with a remark that shows that he knew without an iota of doubt that there was still much to be done. He wrote: “I have walked that long road to freedom. I have tried not to falter; I have made missteps along the ... Read More »

Put Others First

I knew it would be difficult for our doctoral student, Mr Jibola Oyedeji to attend the annual Food Safety Conference in Salt Lake City Utah, USA even though his abstract was accepted for presentation. The main reason being that he couldn’t get funding from our university since he was invited to give a poster presentation. The university only sponsors postgraduate ... Read More »

Artificial intelligence and jobs of the future

HSBC has recently released a report which predicts what the jobs of the future will look like especially in banking and finance. These are the excerpts from the report. Artificial intelligence will not replace human intelligence Lifelong learning and the need to up-skill employees will become essential Many of the roles and job titles of tomorrow are unknown to us ... Read More »

Life lessons from Capitec and Viceroy saga

Early this year Viceroy Research came up with a damning report on South Africa-based Capitec Bank Ltd. The report questioned Capitec’s ability to survive, saying its business model is not sound. Upon the release of the report, many expected the company shares to plunge like Steinhoff after Viceroy’s report in December 2017. Capitec in fact lost 20 percent of its ... Read More »