Monthly Archives: September 2018

From ‘Broken to Golden’

In Japan there is an art form and philosophy called kintsukuroi, which means “to repair with gold”. When a ceramic pot or bowl breaks, the artisan would repair the pieces by using gold or silver lacquer to create something stronger, more beautiful, than what it was before. We are the same way. We may feel that our lives are breaking ... Read More »

What Is Your Dream?

During the recently concluded Urban Biodiversity and Food Security Conference in Cape Town, I met Tatu Gatere, a Kenyan and also US citizen. She was one of the Keynote speakers and her topic was “Citizen voice in the development of African urban environments: Experiences from non-formal settlements in Nairobi.” While introducing her presentation, she had spoken on how she relocated ... Read More »

Destined to be exceptional

The last time I checked, about 3100 people have shared my Facebook post concerning a Nigerian (Dr Osato Osemwengie) with 7 masters and 3 PhDs. Why did an unprecedented number of people share my post? Probably because we are fascinated by exceptional people and more importantly, because we are designed to be exceptional – exceptionality is in our DNA. The ... Read More »

Grace: The obstacles Demolisher

It was while on a research visit to University of Agriculture Abeokuta, Nigeria in September 2015 (22nd of September to be precise), that a young man came to see me about his goal of pursuing his PhD under my supervision and the fact that he would need a scholarship or bursary. Immediately I knew there were a lot hurdles for ... Read More »

Be fearless as change speeds up

Technology is bringing about change rapidly today and it will greatly transform our lives and businesses in the next two decades. Take for example, the TV broadcast is giving way to streaming. Yellow pages are still being printed but no one (may be very few people) care to look into them. A classical example of an industry where the use ... Read More »