Monthly Archives: December 2018

Flourish whatever the condition

I once participated in a collaborative consortium project entitled broadening the food base. The project was initiated and funded to address the huge pressure on the agricultural industry in Southern Africa to avert growing food insecurity. During the $650000 research project which lasted for three years, value chains for five underutilized crops namely Bambara groundnut, cowpea, amaranthus, cactus pear and ... Read More »

Karlsruhe not Berlin

Someone I know very well had planned to visit Berlin to build a network and collaboration at the beginning of 2018 however due to circumstances beyond his control, he couldn’t visit. So he forgot about visiting Berlin, Germany. However, an opportunity arose and he was able to visit Karlsruhe, a forward-thinking, cultured city in Southwestern Germany this December.  Karlsruhe is ... Read More »