Monthly Archives: January 2019

Love for real

Winning- The racing life of Paul Newman is a documentary that chronicles Newman’s 35-year love affair with car racing. Much to the disapproval of the studios and his family, actor Paul Newman (1925 – 2008) put his Hollywood career on the line when he fell in love with car racing and decided to pursue his passion, eventually winning four national ... Read More »

Making a difference together

Together we can make a difference and start a movement toward a world of intentional living where people think of others before themselves, where adding value to others is a priority, where politicians get into politics to serve the people, where civil servants don’t take bribes but show extraordinary commitment to the job, where financial gain is second to future ... Read More »

Grace centered goals and resolutions

From a study performed by Statista in 2017 on individuals’ New Year’s resolutions in United States, 53% of the respondents wanted to save more money, 24% of respondents wanted to travel more, 23% wanted to read more books. Others wanted to improve their own personal health by losing weight or quitting smoking. These resolutions or ambitions such as reading, travelling, ... Read More »