Monthly Archives: April 2019

Stay strong; don’t give up

Some months after I started my doctoral program at University of Pretoria South Africa in 2007 I felt discouraged and thought of quitting because I was not making progress. I considered applying for another PhD program in United States. However, after few weeks, I changed my mind, encouraged myself, asked God for wisdom and did my best. Eventually I completed ... Read More »

The greatest day in history

A king, stripped naked and executed in public view would have lost his kingdom forever. But not Jesus, the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords.  On the third, His death and resurrection struck the deathblow to Satan’s rule and established His eternal authority over the earth. He rose like He promised. The resurrection Sunday more than 2000 years ... Read More »

Only one law: The royal law

In true Christianity, we have only one law. The royal law which is the law of our great King Jesus Christ i.e., Love God and love others as yourself. Before I go any further, let me explain the three distortions of Christianity common in A.D. 50 and that have continued to reappear in other forms even today.  First, Judaized Christianity. ... Read More »

Never stop questioning. Stay curious

I was excited to teach my daughter when she was 4 years old a popular song I learnt in children church many years ago.  Perhaps you can predict the song; It is “Abraham blessings are mine. I am blessed in the morning, I am blessed in the evening, Abraham blessings are mine.” I taught her during our family devotion on ... Read More »