The mentality of abundance

I once asked my students this question:  If money is not an issue, what you would do? After one of them responded and explained how she would spend it, I told her not to think only about herself. Think about poverty, food insecurity and many other social problems in your community and do something about it, I said. I like ... Read More »

The power of diligent thinking

The first self-help book I read many years ago is the power of positive thinking by Norman Vincent Peale. In the book, Peale ‘describes how to achieve a permanent and optimistic attitude through unending positive conscious thought, usually through affirmations or visualization.’ Because of the limitations of Peale’s proposal, we should go over and above positive thinking and think diligently. ... Read More »

Xenophobic attacks: We are fine

A big thank you to friends and loved ones that have reached out to us because of the Xenophobic attacks in South Africa. We are fine and we promise you that we will relocate from South Africa if or when it is necessary. However let’s not forget that wherever we live on planet earth, safety is not the absence of ... Read More »

Jaco’s hard sayings

I met Jaco not too long while waiting for Checkers (at Davenport Centre, Durban, South Africa) to open.  After asking me what what I do for a living, it was my turn to ask the same question; and when I did, he replied unashamedly ‘House Executive.’ His wife has a good job he said and so he cleans the house ... Read More »

Only one life, make it count

In his book, The Money Culture, Michael Lewis wrote about an investment banker who made a routine business trip to Minnesota (USA) with the intention to see his client in his home. During the course of the evening the banker mentioned how much he expected to be paid. The number made an impression on the client’s seven-year-old son, who was ... Read More »

Dinner with the greatest man

My colleague recently invited a great scientist to our university and came up with the idea that some of us should have lunch and dinner with him. My slot was Tuesday evening. Before going to pick Professor Alain Dufreshne, the author of Nano-Cellulose; From nature to high performance tailored materials, from his hotel to the restaurant, I thought of questions ... Read More »

Stay hopeful

Peter is my close colleague at work.  He had worked in the food industry for several years before taking a part time lecturing position after retiring. It wasn’t long after we met about 8 years ago that I asked if he believed in God. He told me he didn’t. However, few days ago, I asked the same question. I was ... Read More »

Balance and effectiveness

There is a story of a poor farmer who one day discovered in the nest of his pet goose a glittering golden eggs. At first he thought it was some kind of trick. But as he started to throw the egg aside, he had second thoughts and took it in to be appraised. The egg was pure gold! The farmer ... Read More »

Lower your guard

It is understandable that we don’t like speaking about our past mistakes and struggles but if sharing a story about them will be beneficial to others, we should gladly do it. That is one of the lessons I learnt reading Apostle Paul’s life. He didn’t care what you think about Him. His utmost desire was to please His loving Saviour. ... Read More »

Don’t drift away

Jeffrin is one of the most interesting young men I have ever met. The qualities I admire in him include commitment to eating healthy and keeping to time. The two of us met at a bus stop on Dalhousie Road, Winnipeg while waiting for a bus to University of Manitoba. Before the bus arrived I found out from him that ... Read More »