Innovate to stay relevant

I recently shared on Facebook about the sugar tax dilemma in South Africa. The tax is good for the public purse and health however it is harming the sugar industry. It is experiencing jobs blood bath not only because of sugar tax, but because of changing consumer preference and sugar dumping (subsidized imports). Obviously the industry that supports 1-million livelihoods ... Read More »

Once beaten, twice smart

I know many people who once invested on the stock market but have now made up their mind never do it again because of market turbulence or gyration. They lost interest and decided not to go near equity investing because they were not prepared for disruptions. Life is like investing in equities.  You triumph when you understand that you need ... Read More »

Winners’ culture

You might have read about people or nations with immense potential to win or succeed in life but who never did. The two tribes of Joseph (Joshua 17:14,15) are one of such people. They were given rich land and lots of it, but they were afraid to drive out the inhabitants and take full possession of it. Instead they begged ... Read More »

Don’t be ashamed of your country

Indonesia and Russia were among the three countries I was supposed to visit in the last quarter of 2019. In July, I made up my mind not to visit Bali, Indonesia after finding out how difficult it is for Nigerian passport holders to get their visa. Unfortunately, those that invited me had purchased my return ticket and booked my accommodation. ... Read More »

Don’t let your problem define you

My lower wisdom tooth was the first to be removed in 2008 after many episodes of toothache. Then about three years ago, I noticed that my canine was chipping off and before long, I was having diastema – a gap in my teeth. After visiting the dentist, he informed me that it would cost about R16000 ($1056) for it to ... Read More »

Live an inspiring life

We were born to live an amazing life. We were born to make a difference. And most importantly we were born to live an inspiring life. But between when we were born to when we could understand our calling and why we were born a lot of things happened. You met people including loved ones who knowingly or unknowingly stopped ... Read More »

The mentality of abundance

I once asked my students this question:  If money is not an issue, what you would do? After one of them responded and explained how she would spend it, I told her not to think only about herself. Think about poverty, food insecurity and many other social problems in your community and do something about it, I said. I like ... Read More »

The power of diligent thinking

The first self-help book I read many years ago is the power of positive thinking by Norman Vincent Peale. In the book, Peale ‘describes how to achieve a permanent and optimistic attitude through unending positive conscious thought, usually through affirmations or visualization.’ Because of the limitations of Peale’s proposal, we should go over and above positive thinking and think diligently. ... Read More »

Xenophobic attacks: We are fine

A big thank you to friends and loved ones that have reached out to us because of the Xenophobic attacks in South Africa. We are fine and we promise you that we will relocate from South Africa if or when it is necessary. However let’s not forget that wherever we live on planet earth, safety is not the absence of ... Read More »

Jaco’s hard sayings

I met Jaco not too long while waiting for Checkers (at Davenport Centre, Durban, South Africa) to open.  After asking me what what I do for a living, it was my turn to ask the same question; and when I did, he replied unashamedly ‘House Executive.’ His wife has a good job he said and so he cleans the house ... Read More »