Make the most of this time

Without question, these are difficult days for majority of us. A lot of people are staying inside their homes as the coronavirus pandemic continues to change our lives. Nevertheless, we can make the best of this situation. Below is a list of productive things we can do while spending time at home. Spend more time with your heavenly Father and ... Read More »

Coronavirus, Church and Christ

When a suffering or disaster like the current COVID-19 occurs, it is common for people to ask who is responsible? Questions like these could be asked. Did a person or people sin? Did a person or persons ignore the facts or refuse to take precautions? Is it an attack of Satan or Is it a punishment or trial from God? ... Read More »

Change of fortune

As a person of faith, I believe it is possible for my country, Nigeria to become the envy of many nations just like many have prophesied. Who could have thought three months ago that African nations would turn the tables and impose travel restrictions against U.S, Europe and China to stave off coronavirus.  So, If as Africans, we humble ourselves ... Read More »

God may use your sincere appeal to change hardened hearts

Alexander Maclaren, an English non-conformist minister of Scottish origin once spotted a well-known skeptic in the audience one Sunday morning. The man then attended several Sundays and later made a profession to receive Christ as his Savior. Maclaren asked which message had brought the man to that decision. “Your sermons, sir, were helpful,” replied the man, “but they were not ... Read More »

God’s Assurance

It was probably the last week of January or early February that I met AI (not his real name), the Chinese student in my department. He had just come back from China after the December holiday. The first thing I asked him was, “hope you are not from Wuhan (the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak)”. Imagine the number of people ... Read More »

Relax…and go for a walk

I recently shared on Facebook that ‘sometimes the wisest thing you can do is relax! How do you like to relax?” Gisting (with wife). That is one of the ways, two of my friends said they relax. What an interesting way to relax. Whatever is your way of relaxing, it is important that you do it daily. For me, going ... Read More »

The power of written goals

Researchers at Yale University did a survey of graduating class in 1953 and found that 3% of the graduates had a set of clearly defined written goals. Twenty years later, in 1973, the same researchers went back and visited the class of ’53 and they found the 3% of the graduates with these written goals had amassed a net worth ... Read More »

Revolutionary love

I read John 13:34 yesterday and it reminded me that real Christianity is a life of loving in a hard way.  In the Scripture, our Lord said we should love others as much as He loved us. This type of love is higher than loving others like ourselves. This is revolutionary. Christ expects more. He wants us to love sacrificially ... Read More »

“Everyone is rich…”

I was at Musgrave Centre Durban recently, to purchase few items including KFC’s new menu –Streetwise Mix – when the KFC cashier said to me ‘everyone is rich…if they are saving.’ She uttered this statement after she asked if I was willing to add some money for charity and I responded, ‘No, KFC is rich, they should support the less ... Read More »

Dare to live an adventurous life

A friend recently gave me dirty boots – an adventure guide book for Southern Africa – containing a list of the best and most professional adventure companies in South Africa, Swaziland and Lesotho. It also covers numerous adrenaline and extreme tours with the most dangerous for me being White Shark Africa which provides visitors with the opportunity to view or ... Read More »