Don’t drift away

Jeffrin is one of the most interesting young men I have ever met. The qualities I admire in him include commitment to eating healthy and keeping to time. The two of us met at a bus stop on Dalhousie Road, Winnipeg while waiting for a bus to University of Manitoba. Before the bus arrived I found out from him that ... Read More »

Be intentional about your attitude

The first time I realized our attitudes are being tested directly or indirectly was when my doctoral promoter invited my colleague and I to a dinner many years ago.  Then she commented about my attitude. I won’t tell you whether she said it was good or bad. What did she see and when? are two questions I will never be ... Read More »

Get your mojo back

I played lawn tennis few days ago with Tom after about 4 years break. When we started the ‘warm up hits’, I kept playing the balls out of the court like someone that was just learning to play.  Eventually we played two sets which Tom won (6-2, 6-2); I was relived that it wasn’t ‘6-0 x 2.’ I could have ... Read More »

Fallible church important to everyone

When I travel overseas for 5-10 days, I usually don’t attend church however because my current trip is longer I made up my mind that I would attend a church 5 to 10 minutes by walking distance from where I am staying and also one whose membership consists of people from different countries.  Why travel abroad to attend an African ... Read More »

Bitcoin acceptance. Which stage are you in?

The Chief of the Bank for International Settlements recently said “Central Banks may use digital currencies ‘sooner than we think,” Eventually everyone will accept bitcoin and other relevant cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin enthusiasts have come with 5 phases of bitcoin acceptance: Phase 1: Dismissive, Phase 2: Skeptical, Phase 3: Intellectually curious, Phase 4: Believer and Phase: Evangelist. I used to be in ... Read More »

Behind the ‘mistake’ is the master

Before visiting Canada, the first time (in 2014) to attend Global Food Safety Partnership Technical Committee Group meeting and International Union of Food Science and Technology (IUFOST) congress in Montreal I had applied for Canada immigrant visa- Federal Worker Scheme. I submitted my application in the month of June after writing IELTS, getting the WES certificate and other requirements. In ... Read More »

Keeping Promises

Have you ever told someone to meet you at a particular place and time only to arrive there late? Or you agreed to assist someone and you came back that you won’t be able to do it again. Many of us don’t keep our word because we fail to think deeply before we make promises or we are too sure ... Read More »

Bitcoin is powerful – Twitter Founder, Jack Dorsey

Jack Dorsey, was recently asked by Quartz whether he thinks bitcoin could be the internet’s currency.  See his response “I haven’t seen any other currency that would challenge it across the dimensions that I think are really important. First, I think it has an amazing brand. The other thing that I think makes it probably the strongest candidate is that ... Read More »

Cultivate the skill of gentle persuasion

Instead of ignoring Warren Buffet who referred to bitcoin as a ‘gambling device’ and ‘probably rat poison squared’, Justin Sun, the 28-year-old founder of blockchain platform TRON and CEO of peer-to-peer file sharing protocol BitTorrent, did something extraordinary. He competed with others and won this year’s charity steak lunch with the legendary investor, bidding with $4,567,888. Invariably, Justin paid $4.6 ... Read More »

Don’t be afraid to leave the good for the great

The most difficult decision I ever made was deciding to resign from my job in Nigeria about 8 years ago. My job was okay but I wanted something more. So, when I got an offer in South Africa I had to make the hardest decision of my life. One of the reasons why the decision was hard to make was ... Read More »