Perfect Combination.

Almaz Ayana from Ethiopia won gold in the Women’s 10000 race at the ongoing Rio 2016 Olympic Games. She also broke one of the longest-held records in athletics. Ayana’s winning time of 29min 17.45 sec sliced nearly 14 seconds off the previous world best of 29:31.78 set by Wang Junxia in 1993. However, when asked to respond to suggestions that ... Read More »

From My Diary 7th August 2016

Hi Friend, See below the quotes and inspirational words that I wrote down in my dairy today.  I like to share them with you. Be blessed and have a great week ahead. “God is not slow, He just is not our timetable.” “We must be careful not to be like the Biblical Balam or false teachers of Peter’s day, who ... Read More »

The power of a God-given imagination.

Amazon is dreaming and planning autonomous delivery through its prime air service, which aims to get packages to customers in 30 minutes or less. At the moment, the company has successfully ‘drone delivered’ chicken sandwich, hot coffee, some donuts and a slurpee to a place of residence in Nevada, U.S. Amazon and other tech companies such as google, uber, airbnb ... Read More »

What kind of future do you see?

In 2014, KPMG International released a report which showed what their industry would like in 2030. According to them, the future of the industry is very positive and yet to capture the opportunities presented, it will have to overcome unprecedented challenges. The report also explained four megatrends (i.e., demographics, technology, environment and social values, behavior & ethics) that are likely ... Read More »

Eulogy to Eunice

During our family devotion yesterday morning we prayed for your husband and children that God will comfort them and be with them. I didn’t bother to pray for you because I know you are in a better place because Jesus said ‘he (or she) that believeth, though he were dead yet shall he (she) live…but this morning I asked this ... Read More »

Handle It with Humility.

On the 6th of July 2016, Oscar Pristorious, the double amputee paralympian who also happens to be the only living disabled athlete to have competed with able bodied athletes in Olympics, was sentenced to 6 years in imprisonment for the murder of his girl friend. Oscar is a reminder of many successful people – athletes, musicians, movies stars or businessmen- ... Read More »

PhD: A very Versatile Degree.

If your aim of doing PhD is to secure a tenured professorship, you may be disappointed because there are more PhDs than there are slots of that kind especially in global north… However, PhD remains a versatile degree. Apart from it showing that you know more than practically anybody else about one narrow topic, “it also demonstrates that you have ... Read More »

Don’t complain or compare; celebrate…

Complaining is deadly and comparison is foolishness. Were it not for God’s grace and mercy, many of us would have died long time ago because of our murmuring and grumbling. Complaining makes us to focus on the minor and to forget the major.  Apart from it stealing the joy of the Lord in us which is our strength, it also ... Read More »

A winner; that is who you are.

Dieter Kurtenback, Fox News sport writer, was so sure of himself when he wrote few weeks back “The Cavaliers cannot win these NBA Finals. Frankly, they’d be lucky to win a game.” He was wrong! After 52 years without a professional sports victory, LeBrown James led the Cleveland Cavaliers to a 93-89 win over the Golden State Warriors in a ... Read More »