Lassa fever Outbreak in Nigeria: Prevention and treatment

The outbreak of lassa fever has been reported in and around 11 states and Abuja in Nigeria. The wise thing to do is to consider how it can be prevented and treatment. Primary transmission of the Lassa virus from its host to humans can be prevented by avoiding contact with Mastomys rodents, especially in the geographic regions where outbreaks occur. ... Read More »

Looking for Lasting Joy

How often have you found what you were looking for in life, only to realize it didn’t bring you the satisfaction you thought it would? It is life’s ultimate frustration – thinking we will find fulfillment in the things of this world. But they can never bring lasting happiness. As one bumper sticker I saw expressed it, “All I want ... Read More »

How SA can restore growth and avoid junk status!

Philippe Burger (Prof of Economics, University of Free State), Estian Calitz (professor emeritus at University of Stellenbosch) and Krige Siebrits (Senior Lecturer in economics, University of Stellenbosch) have discussed in their write up how the upcoming February budget could be used to restore SA’s credibility. According to them, to restore growth, the government needs to invest heavily in infrastructure (electricity, ... Read More »

Industrious migrants are an opportunity for South Africa.

A new book entitled Mean Streets has demonstrated that some of the most dedicated and resourceful entrepreneurs in the South African informal economy are migrants to the country. Crush, Chikanda and Skinner the authors of the book however said that “while under any other circumstances, they would probably be lauded as exemplars of small-scale and micro-entrepreneurship, the state and many ... Read More »

Put your problems in right perspective.

Our Lord Jesus Christ once said “In this world you will have tribulations but be of good cheer, you have overcome the world” Invariably, He wanted us to look at our challenges or burdens from the point of view of what He has done and what He can do. It is important that we put our problems in God’s perspective ... Read More »

Africa: What we stand to gain in Democratic Capitalism. #DemocraticCapitalism

In a recent workshop with a group of social scientists, I pose this question to them. ‘It seems that most social scientists don’t like capitalism’. I was right they couldn’t say No categorically to my observation. Apart from economists; it may be accurate to conclude that social scientists will favour another economic model preferably socialism. I don’t understand why this ... Read More »

Why Nigeria Should Study Singapore’s Anti-Corruption Strategy

Transparency International’s 2012 Corruption Perception Index named Singapore as the fifth-least corrupt country in the world. How did Singapore achieve this feat since the country was once known for corruption and poor governance? According to Professor John S. T. Quah (one of the world’s foremost experts on corruption and governance in Asia) Tough laws significantly reduced the level corruption in ... Read More »

Seven Resolutions You Should Keep in 2016.

Praise God you made it to 2016. I believe 2015 was a great year for you and your family nevertheless 2016 promises to be greater and better for you because your path is like the shinning light that shines more and more unto the perfect day. However, if we are going to achieve many of the goals we have set ... Read More »

Turning The Page

One day, John Strait (Father of singer George Strait) distributed Gideon Bibles in a prison in Dilley, Texas. A prisoner accepted one, but later when another worker, Jerry Horn of San Antonio, visited, the inmate needed another copy. The pages were all gone from the old one; only the covers remained. “What happened?” Jerry asked. The prisoner replied, “I used ... Read More »