Warren Buffett’s 10 Best Money Tips.

1. Never Lose Money: rule no 1, never lose money. Rule no 2, never forget rule no 1. 2. Get High Value at a Low Price 3. Form Healthy Money Habits e.g saving 4. Avoid Debt, Especially Credit Card Debt 5. Keep Cash On Hand 6. Invest in Yourself – “Anything you invest in yourself, you get back ten-fold, nobody ... Read More »

South Africa On The Edge But Not In Crisis

by Cees Bruggemans words 900 There are many commentators describing SA as being politically on the brink of an economic crisis. The President’s lingering presence is seen as especially problematical. If he doesn’t go soon, the argument runs, crisis will engulf us all. It is then but a small step to suggest the President will vacate before his time is ... Read More »

4 learned skills of extraordinary guys.

There are four critical skills we must learn or acquire if we want to be extraordinary and perform at the level God expects of us.  The skills are: Persistence, Consistency, Discipline and Hard work. I totally agree with Zig Ziglar when he said “The profile of a wealthy person is this hard work, perseverance, and most of all self-discipline”. To me, ... Read More »

Call For BIARI 2016 Application

I once participated in one of BIARI institutes: Population and Development: New Approaches to Enduring Problems. I did find it interesting. I therefore like to inform you about 2016 application. 2016 institutes are: Humanitarian Response and Post- Conflict Reconstruction: Increasing Effectiveness and Accountability in the Age of Complex Emergencies Governance and Development in the Age of Globalization Ethnicity, Conflict and Inequality in ... Read More »

Investment in people- Money Well Spent!

I like to talk to people about investment. Apart from investing in education and others like stocks, real estate etc, I have come to believe that investment in people is one you must ensure is in your portfolio. The financial world has also come to this realization. According to the Economist, money going into impact investment (which is another term ... Read More »

Reach out to others.

We believe that immediately we are saved by faith in Christ, we should be committed to acts of kindness, charity, justice and generosity. Our goal should be to reach out to defenseless people – orphans, the poor, the homeless, widows, the lonely – within our reach. It is true that we are not saved by works but it is also ... Read More »