Africa will continue to rise!

Geoffrey White, Agility Africa CEO has said at the World Economic Forum taking place in Davos, Switzerland that the ‘Africa Rising’ story is still a viable concept.  Geoffrey however said that the Africa’s potential may be beneficial to those who are willing to make the long-term investment in the continent.


‘I think it depends really on your time profile for your investments, I think there’s a growing interest from people who have a five to ten year view of what they want to be investing in to actually go to Africa.” White said


Interest in Africa according to White stems from two points;


  1. “People beginning to understand the opportunities and the growth and the demographics and the burgeoning consumers within Africa.”


  1. “The volatility around the world means that companies are looking for alternative places where they can build businesses and grow and Africa, the one thing you cannot deny, is a dynamic expanding.”

White explains how the African market will be growing for the next 20 years, unlike a lot of parts in the developed world which are starting to slow down, and “not as buoyant as they are in Africa”.


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