Ten Great Reasons To Invest In Africa!

Just came across this funny and probably true reasons to invest in Africa. Make sure you read the paragraph after Number 10. According to the author, these are ten reasons most Americans can relate to:

1.At last, your liberal arts degree has practical meaning..

2.Your favorite beach won’t be swamped with thousands of drunken students on spring break.

3.You may never have to eat at a fast food restaurant again.

4. You won’t have to watch CNN and wonder if it is really possible that Donald Trump could someday be your president.

5. You don’t have to attend a Star Wars convention or be a Trekkie in a silly costume to be a time-traveler.

6. You don’t have to be an arms merchant or a diamond smuggler to make money in Africa. You can do something totally legal, do well and do good despite what movies and the media tell you.

7. You won’t see many telephone lines in Africa visually polluting your sight lines..

8. Unfortunately, you won’t see many transmission lines either.

9. You can help others in Africa earn the same meaningless degrees you received as a college student…or even help them find a job and still make money for it.

10. No matter where you look in Africa, only the blind man would fail to see opportunity for investment.


“Whether you are a small or large investor, there is opportunity in Africa. No matter where you look you are likely to be mugged by an idea that could earn you a living in Africa. Stand along the mighty Congo River and see a river transport company, a fishing venture or river tourism. Stand in Addis and see the enormous market for ICT that will soon open there. See the people wandering the streets of Lagos and imagine the housing that is needed before Lagos becomes a major hub. Travel by train and see the need for modern rail that can move people and products throughout the continent. You need some financing for anything no matter what size your venture is, and you will also need to find reliable partners on the ground, just like anywhere else in the world. You will need to understand the culture and how things operate.”



Credit sundayadelajablog.com and read the full article here: http://www.sundayadelajablog.com/4954-2/