President Jacob Zuma Nine Points “#SONA2016

The government of South Africa recently tweeted “nine-point plan to boost economic growth and create much-needed jobs”.

  1. Resolving the energy challenge
  2. Revitalising agriculture and the agro-processing value chain
  3. Advancing beneficiation or adding value to the mineral wealth
  4. More effective implementation of a higher impact Industrial Action Policy Action Plan (IPAP)
  5. Encouraging private-sector investment
  6. Moderating workplace conflict
  7. Unlocking the potential of SMMEs‚ cooperatives‚ townships and rural enterprises
  8. State reform and boosting the role of state-owned companies‚ information and communications technology infrastructure or broadband roll-out‚ water‚ sanitation and transport infrastructure
  9. Operation Phakisa‚ which is aimed at growing the ocean economy and other sectors