Be friendly.

I can’t forget this guy, it happened more than ten years ago after a church service. I went to him, introduced myself and I asked for his name. I was shocked by his response. He asked “Why do you want to know my name?” Not only was he unwelcoming, his face was a “No-Face’. Friendly people however have a “Yes-Face.” They are enthusiastic and upbeat about life. They have depth and maturity that bring hope and peace. They don’t only have a can-do attitude, they also have strength and confidence that God will work things out according to His plans. Friendly people are blessed people and blessed people bless people. That is why I love friendly people. Friendly people are positive, trusting, confident, approving, smiling, genuine, approachable, inviting, gentle and forgiving. Perhaps, you are thinking about how to be more friendly here are some things you could try: (1) Start conversations with new people. You must be good at this if you want to be friendly. (2) Chat back to people who try to talk to you (3) Take time to talk to people you already know (4) Invite people to do things with you (5) Offer compliments to people.


“I never met a man that I didn’t like.” ~ Will Rogers