The greatest day in history.

If I ask for the greatest day in your life, perhaps you will tell me the day you were born. If I ask for the greatest day in your country,  your answer may be the independence day. One of the greatest days in history was 8th of May, 1945. It was the day the Nazi Germany surrendered its armed forces thereby ending the World War II in Europe. October 24, 1945 the day United Nations was born is also one of the greatest days in history. What about the greatest day in history? In my opinion, it was that beautiful first Easter Sunday more than 2000 years ago when Jesus rose triumphant over death. Our victory that started on the first Christmas day was perfected on the first Easter Sunday. Because of this awesome day, everyone that believes in Christ has  passed from death unto life. Are there other reasons why the first Easter Sunday is the greatest day in history?  Absolutely. Because of that day, God’s mighty power is at work destroying sin, creating new lives, and preparing us for Jesus’ Second Coming. We, too, will be raised from the dead to live forever with Christ. We have hope for the future and we can live for Him in an evil world.

“Do not abandon yourselves to despair. We are the Easter people and hallelujah is our song.” ~ Pope John Paul II

Happy Easter.