8 Things You Should Never Say to Your Single Friends

See below eight things you must not say to your single friends. According Krysti Wilkinson who came up with these tips, “people who happen to be single are so much more than their relationship status”


  1. “Oh… Sorry…”: “I’m always confused why my telling people I’m single gets the same response as sharing a cancer diagnosis.” Instead of apologizing, give your friend the freedom to express how they actually feel about their relationship status.
  2. “How Are You Still Single?”: Being surprised that someone great is single assumes that there is something inherently wrong with single people.
  3. “You Should Date (Name of Mutual Friend/Co-Worker/Cousin)”: If you must play matchmaker, ask before you start.
  4. “Wow, You Must Have So Much Free Time!”: True, singles just have one person’s schedule to keep tract of instead of two, however there are so many other important parts of their days that have nothing to do with their love lives.
  5. “Use This Time To Better Yourself!”: Saying this ‘gift’ of free time allows singles to become the best version of themselves sometimes comes off as claiming that people in relationships don’t need to do the same.
  6. “Marriage Is So Great!”: I’m not anti-marriage or anti-relationships. But non-singles need to realize that marriage is already portrayed as the ideal in so many facets of life—in movies, in pop culture, and especially the Church. We don’t need more voices telling us how perfect having a plus one makes your life.
  7. “… That’s Why You’re Single”: Never say this, even if you’ve heard them joke about it from time to time. Reasons for being single are usually not up for discussion with mere acquaintances—they are typically very personal and unique to each person. Making a joke out of it does more harm than good.
  8. “…I can’t Even Imagine Being Single. I Don’t Know How You Do It.”: Many people really enjoy being single, so your friend might not need you to commiserate with them. Instead, ask some questions to find out what else is going on in your friend’s life. Relationships aside, life can be rough. School is stressful, work is never ending, family can drive you crazy. See what in particular your friend is struggling with, and offer to be what they need—it could be a listening ear, advice or simply a friend to eat ice cream with.



Credit: relevantmagazine.com.