Make a difference with compassion.

We all have customers that we should genuinely care about and serve well. For example, if you are a lecturer, your students are your customers or If you are a medical doctor, your patients are your customers. And see this: If you are a believer, souls are your customers. In Jeff Bezos’s latest letter to his shareholders, the amazon founder who became the richest man on earth this past week, explained how his company is obsessed over customers and not competitors. He went on to say that the key to success is not to copy, match or one-up the rival. It lies in listening to your customer. Bezos puts it this way, one has to develop ‘customer obsession.’ To him, just being customer focused is not enough. Very profound…In the market place people are usually driven by competition however if we really want to make real difference in life, we must have compassion and not compete. While Bezos or Amazon tried to informed shareholders of their deep interest for their customers, nobody taught or ‘lived’ compassion like Jesus Christ. He expects us to care more, listen more, show more empathy to those who come to us for assistance or help like we would expect to be helped if we were in their shoes.

“And of some have compassion, making a difference.” ~  Scripture