A hard life? Yes, but a happy one. Billy Graham

Following Christ is a hard, rugged life.

There is nothing easy about it. The moment you come to Jesus Christ you enter into the thick of the biggest warfare in the universe. It is a battle every day. And unless you go out every morning with the Word of God in your heart, you are going to lose this battle. A disciple means a “disciplined one,” and that is what we are to be. It is tough and it is hard.

Do you know what Christ means when He says, “I am going to die. Will you go with me?” He means that you are to live for Him no matter what the cost.

Yet there is happiness in the Christian life. The Apostle Paul said he could be content wherever he was—in jail, in a shipwreck. A hard life? Yes, but a happy one. You will find contentment in following Christ because it is God’s way—and the only way.

Credit: Decision magazine.