Are You Saved?

This is perhaps the most important question anyone could ask you. And it was what one Scottish did ask many years ago. The Scottish preacher John Harper was aboard the Titanic in 1912, making his way to preach at Moody Church. When the ship went down, Harper drifted into a young man holding on to a plank.

Harper said, “Young man, are you saved?”

The young man answered, “No.”

A wave separated them. After a few minutes they were within speaking distance, and again Harper called out to him: “Has your soul made peace with God?”

The young man said, “Not yet.”

A wave overwhelmed John Harper, and he was seen no more. But the words “Are you saved?” kept ringing in the young man’s ears. Two weeks later the young man stood up in a youth meeting in New York, told his story, and said, “I am John Harper’s last convert.”

Are you saved?


Story was adapted from Billy Graham’s book – Where I am.