Artificial intelligence and jobs of the future

HSBC has recently released a report which predicts what the jobs of the future will look like especially in banking and finance.

These are the excerpts from the report.

  • Artificial intelligence will not replace human intelligence
  • Lifelong learning and the need to up-skill employees will become essential
  • Many of the roles and job titles of tomorrow are unknown to us today.

The report went on to describe future 6 banking and finance jobs. See below

  1. Mixed Reality Experience Designer. Key skills in aesthetic design, branding, user experience and 3D mechanics will be essential
  2. Algorithm Mechanic. Key skills include risk management, service design, financial literacy
  3. Conversational Interface Designer. Key skills include mixture of creative, linguistic and anthropological skills
  4. Universal Service Advisor. Key skills including communication technologies including performing in a virtual environment.
  5. Digital Process Engineer. Key skills include discovery skills and creative skills to prototype and test solutions
  6. Partnership Gateway. Key skills include technical knowledge of digital interfaces, communication skills for partner engagement

Read more about the HSBC report here:


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