Base It On Grace.

Not too long ago I was invited to an occasion where a pastor was also invited to preach. Later on in his message he began to say that you can approach God on the basis of what you have done such as your giving or your service. Immediately I said in my mind ‘no, no, what you do will never be enough, we must approach Him on the basis of what Christ has done that is His finished work on Calvary.” Charles H. Spurgeon writes “It is only on the foundation of grace that even the most experienced and most honored of all saints may approach their God. The best of men are conscious above all others that even at their best they are still only men… Only false Christians can boast, but true children of God cry for mercy for their unworthiness. We need the Lord to have mercy even on our good works, prayers and all our holiest things.” But should we stop our labour of love because we are standing on grace, God forbid!

“Work hard for Christ! But work for the right reason – a ‘Thank You’ for the gift you have received by faith.” ~ Dr David Jeremiah.