Be a beacon of hope.

Within weeks Angela Merkel was born in 1954 in the port city of Hamburg, Germany her father, a Lutheran clergyman, moved the family to a small town in the communist East, at a time when most people headed the other way. Seven years later they were living behind the Wall. However, to cut long story short, she went on to do a doctorate in quantum chemistry and become the “chancellor of Europe”; a democratic torch-bearer and a beacon of hope. Last week, I also met another beacon of hope –Oloye Ibiwunmi – in Nigeria.  Oloye was once a gardener but today he has an HND and a BSc degree which he did part-time while working in a federal government university in Nigeria. He has visited USA, China and UK. He is also the CEO of a company that specializes in corporate souvenirs among others. These two people remind us that wherever we find ourselves whether in the global north e.g Germany or Global South e.g Nigeria, we can choose to overcome the many challenges of life and become a beacon of hope. It is possible because God in heaven is our Father.  So, what are up against this week? Or what dream are you trying to achieve? You can achieve it. Trust God. Never, never give up and remember you are a beacon of hope.