Be a builder

There are two types of people in the world. The Blockers and Builders. The truth is, it’s easier to be a blocker than a builder. It comes so naturally to look after our own interests. We should therefore examine our own hearts for the blocker mentality. I once came across the Ten Blocker Commandments that outline the way Blockers lead and how they treat others.
1. Blockers keep others from reaching their potential. 2. Blockers cannot celebrate the success of others. 3. Blockers look at life through the ‘me’ lens, not the ‘we’ lens. 4. Blockers criticize easily and can’t praise others. 5. Blockers use the power given to them to advance themselves, not others. 6. Blockers fear that others will get credit for their accomplishments. 7. Blockers are threatened by people who are more gifted. 8. Blockers are insecure in who they are and in their giftness.9. Blockers do not recognize themselves as preventers, only as protectors who think they know what is best for others. 10. Blockers lead out of fear, pride and control.

If you have one of these characteristics, there is hope for you. Converting from being a blocker to a builder requires us to empty ourselves of pride and selfishness. We must allow God 🙌 to transform us, through the power of His Holy Spirit, into a builder.

My challenge to us: Let’s tackle the blocker mentality and become a builder. When we do that we will unlock greatness in others and build up our community and our nation.