Be fearless as change speeds up

Technology is bringing about change rapidly today and it will greatly transform our lives and businesses in the next two decades. Take for example, the TV broadcast is giving way to streaming. Yellow pages are still being printed but no one (may be very few people) care to look into them. A classical example of an industry where the use of technology (because of having to dig deeper to get precious metal and other challenges) has led to job losses is mining. According to Stats SA’s Environmental Economic Accounts Compendium report “Gold mining employed 380,000 people in 1995, falling to about 119,000 in 2014.” A failure to embrace the wave of new technological innovations will undoubtedly lead to further job cuts in future.  Steve Davies, Co- founder of Connection Telecom recently said, there is a lot of fear of this future even among businesses. Davies also explained how the employees of the future will be affected.  “It will also probably be the end of 9- to – 5 jobs. You will find people more independent, less likely to be employed full time, but in a day may do three or four jobs that don’t conflict.” But we don’t need to fear the future. We can conquer fear by being willing to face the future with courage and determination to embrace change and also to learn, unlearn, relearn and come up with goals to benefit from disruptive technologies. Companies should quickly dive into revolutionary technologies like IBM and Walmart have done with blockchain.  For a Christian, God offers help for today and hope for the future. Unwavering confidence in our God is our motivation for living a fearless life.

Credit: University of Kent for the image (Future Jobs)