Born to lead

Less than six hours Britain’s Prince Harry and his wife Meghan launched their Instagram account, they broke a record by reaching one million followers. Twenty hours later Prince Harry went on to use the app to warn that social media is “more addictive than alcohol and drugs.” He also slammed the ills of online gaming and singled out video game Fortnite for the addictive pull it has on kids.  Maurice Flanagan said “Some are born leaders, some achieve leadership, and some have leadership thrust upon them.” Harry is obviously a born leader and at the same time leadership was thrust upon him. However, there was a time that Prince Harry was not serious about his leadership role; he partied wild with his pals but not anymore. Obviously he didn’t care about his leadership role then. As believers, we too can discountenance our position if we are not careful. We must however not forget that immediately, we become born again, God expects us to grow, to lead and to be the light. We are not to remain as babes not knowing our left from our right rather we should grow up and be responsible. The writer of Hebrew wrote “By now you should be teachers (i.e., leaders) …” Perhaps, you are not leading as you should, wake up the sleeping giant in you and start leading. You have a duty to inform, inspire and innovate. Start doing it.

“The key to successful leadership today is influence, not authority.” ~ Ken Blanchard