‘Canada experience’

I have heard of many people resigning (without first getting another job in the country they are moving to) from their good jobs in Africa and immigrating to Canada but when a permanent resident of France and now Canada told me that he resigned from his IT job (with a service provider to Airbus) in France without first getting a job in Canada I was very surprised. When I asked him why he did that he said he wanted to live in a good English speaking country.  He had first visited Canada in 2014 and later immigrated through the Manitoba provincial nominee program early this year. Few days ago, he told me about the difficulty of getting a job but I advised him to register for a program in IT and volunteer because Canada is particular about you having experience in their country. He said he wasn’t ready to do that and that it is easier finding a job in France. Then I told him about the Yoruba proverb, ‘ti iwaju o ba se lo, eyin a se pada si” meaning If I can’t go forward, I would go back to where I am coming from. I also met another African that relocated from Iceland. He also told me about the difficulty of getting a job; that you even need Canada experience to wash plates in a restaurant and that it is easier getting a job in Iceland and that minimum wage is higher there. Anyway people have different reasons for immigrating to Canada but personally I see Canada as one of the best countries for immigrants but she has a way of humbling you because of her ‘exceptionalism.’ Before I left South Africa I had been informed by the University of Manitoba that I would need to read some materials on the University website and pass some tests before working in the research lab. I had to humble myself, study and pass some tests (you are required to score > 70 and some 80 and above). So if you are planning to immigrate here, you must be willing to humble yourself, register for a relevant course, do certification exams (if it is required in your field) and even volunteer if necessary so that you can have ‘Canada experience.’ You may not able to get the high level of job you were doing in your country immediately or for many, even in future. I browsed through the current Winnipeg Edition (Employment News ) yesterday, apart from one registered nurse ($34.42 hour for 40 to 44 hours per week) position, one manufacturing plant superintendent ($61500 to $70000 yearly for 40 to 45 hours per week) position, one computer programmer ($35 to $40 hourly for 40 hours per week) position,  one post-secondary research assistant ($40215 year yearly for 35 hours per week) position , one architectural  technologist ($40000 to $45000 year yearly for 40 hours per week) position and  one software engineer ($42 to $45 hour hourly for 40 hours per week) position, the  most common job in the JobBank of Winnipeg Edition (WE)  is  Long Haul Truck Driver. Twelve positions were advertised. Salaries ranged from $18hour hourly for 40 to 60 hours per week to $50000 to $60000 year yearly for 50 to 70 hours per week. Other common positons in WE are carpenter, millwork assembler, general labour, warehouse operator, forklift operator, electrician, data entry, reception, accounting (AR/AP). I also came across Reliance home comfort current hiring for senior retrofit HVAC installer, HVAC service technician, outside sales – home comfort advisor, plumber (red seal), gas fitter and warehouse helper. hc.trainingplaces.ca also advertised training for career in health professions which include: personal support worker, medical office administrator, pharmacy assistant, community services worker, addictions & community service worker and addiction worker. According to them, after training, you can find a job and launch your career. Another service provider that advertised for training in WE was tech.TrainingPlaces.ca. They provide training in advanced network security professional, computer networking technology and web development.  In addition Airbnb and Timhortons advertised positions. While Airbnb asked enthusiastic bilingual ambassadors who can speak French ($18/hour) to apply, Timhortons directed applicants to their website…I have met those that complained about not getting jobs, I also know some people that have found good jobs after being patient. As someone visiting the country for the second time (and this time longer), I will recommend Canada to those willing to immigrate  however before you do, ask God for direction and use a little bit of common sense!