Celebrate your work.

Not long ago, I bought a tool box along with some important instruments – such as hammer, electric drill and others –  to try ‘Do It Yourself – DIY’ in the house. However, I soon realized that I couldn’t fix difficult faults, I had to call the carpenter and the plumber that had been trained to do the work.  Their work as well as every other work is important. There is an importance in every job that cannot be quantified in numbers or in prestige, but can only be found within the heart of the man or woman doing that job. The big question is: Do you enjoy and celebrate your work? Your work is not to be endured it is to appreciated.  Whatever may be your job, you must be joyful in God and believe you have the best job and make it an instrument of peace and righteousness bringing glory to God. And may the Lord our God bless us in all our harvest and in all the work of our hands and may our joy be complete.


“No work is insignificant. All labour that uplifts humanity has dignity and importance, and should be undertaken with painstaking excellence.” ~  Martin Luther King Jr.