Christmas: A time to reflect.

Christmas presents an opportunity to reflect on the most important and wonderful event in history which is the birth of the Saviour. It is also a season to contemplate about Jesus’s life and mission while He was here and most importantly His second coming. Someone wrote “With tiny winkles and cries, He entered the world and, wrapped in strips of cloth, took his first nap on a bed of straw. Subject to time and to parents, he grew to manhood in Roman-occupied Judea, his gentle hands becoming strong and calloused in Joseph’s woodworking shop. As a man, He walked through the countryside and cities, touching individuals, preaching to crowds, and training 12 men to carry on His work. At every step He was hounded by those seeking to rid the world of His influence. Finally, falsely accused and tried, He was condemned to a disgraceful execution by foreign hands. And he died – spat upon, cursed, pierced, and hung heavenward for all to deride. Jesus, the God-man, gave his life completely so that all might live.” The writer continued “At God’s appointed time, the risen and ascended Lord Jesus will burst onto the world scene. Then everyone will know that Jesus is Lord of the universe.” As we celebrate Christmas today, let’s thank God and his Messiah who made it possible for all of us to someday live in heaven for eternity and let’s use our available time to work to help others turn to Him.

Do have a Merry Christmas.