Commonalities of Champions.

I recently shared on Facebook and Twitter that The No. 1 commonality of a champion is consistency. We can however argue that one of these commonalities – hard work, vision, faith and attitude should be No 1… Champions are visionary who work smart, have good habits along with good attitudes which they stick to. And most importantly, they have faith.

A careful study of a story of two men told by Christopher P. Neck – in his book entitled – Medicine for the Mind: Healing Words to Help You Soar – will reveal the above commonalities in one of the men. The business of the two men was selling shoes. They were confronted with the same situation. But each had different views

Both were sent to a far-away island to test if their abilities were elite. And they discovered, upon arrival, the natives had nothing on their feet. The first sadly called his boss, with a very large case of despair, relayed that there was no hope for business because everyone’s feet were bare.

The second was filled with much elation; told his superior the good news. Said he was going to make a million. No one yet was wearing shoes. The meaning in these few words is your thoughts can help you advance because what to some might spell disaster could be for you, your one big chance.

The secret to creating opportunities is simply your attitude – Is the glass half-empty or half-full? It is your vision. It is being diligent, consistent and most importantly trusting God.

With vision, attitude, hard work, faith and consistency, you are unstoppable!