Consciously Lead!

Reuel Khoza, former Chairman of Nedbank writes “I am a player in the political economy. I provide business leadership, call it business statesmanship, whenever I can or whenever it is asked of me. But not formal politics. As a farmer, I provide food. As a businessman, I am involved in building power stations. I build schools. I build churches. I am involved in NGOs. I contribute to culture.” Interesting. Reuel knows that he is a leader and he is consciously making positive impact in his community. To consciously lead, we must also understand that we are all leaders. We must purposefully make a difference in our work, personal and community lives. We must decide and determine to be an angel to someone. Consciously leading also entails, watching. Watching what we say because our words must encourage and build. Watching our actions because they must bring glory to God. Watching our thoughts because they influence our actions. Watching our character because it helps to develop a winning personality and make lasting success possible. Billy Graham once said “When wealth is lost, nothing is lost; when health is lost, something is lost; (but) when character is lost, all is lost.” Lastly, watching our habits because they become our values which will eventually become our character! This week, consciously be a positive influence in your community; you are a leader!