Defy Every Odd.

You may not have heard of Naspers but you probably have DSTV in your home, a service that is provided by Naspers. Naspers is a broad-based multinational internet and media group, offering services in more than 130 countries. Its principal operations are in Internet communication, video entertainment and print media. When Naspers was R500 per share on JSE in 2013, experts underestimated it and said it was over-priced. It will soon crash they said. Today, the hottest tech-firm in Africa is more than R3300 per share. The secrets of Naspers’s success have been reported to be its ‘vision, strategy, ability to bounce back and learn from its failures, and most important, its focus on the internet –orientated business in emerging markets.” For example, It’s stake in Tencent is now worth $149 billion.  Furthermore, the company’s leaders have the ability to foresee trends. “There have been failures: we lost $80m on an internet provider in China… But we try to limit the damage and use failures to understand what we did wrong. Then we fix it next time round. Some of our best successes came out of failures”, Naspers former CEO Koos Bekker once said. As I think about Naspers, I also think about how God expects us to defy every odd in our lives. We can scale every mountain and keep growing and shinning because we are on the winning side.