Did you Know?

Artificial food (or processed food) has become Public Enemy No. 1 to many consumers however the importance of processed food can never be overemphasized.

*Food processing makes many foods available that we could not otherwise eat.

Without food processing we would not have the large variety of food products we see on supermarket and store shelves. It enables the year-round availability of foods that have limited growing seasons. Frozen and canned fruits, vegetables and meat products are examples.

Processing extends the shelf life of food. Tinned fish and UHT milk are two examples of nutritious food theater readily available as a result of food processing. Processing also improves food safety using a variety of methods – for example heating to sufficiently high temperatures destroys harmful bacteria; certain additives help prevent fats going off and the growth of harmful fungus and bacteria. Packaging helps to prevent product tampering, and convenience is another major benefit.


*Credit: South African Food Review



Source of image: her campus.com