Do more than expected

It was my friend, Prof Pius Owolawi that informed me about BIARI –Brown International Advanced Research Institutes in Brown University, Providence Rhode Island USA. Established in 2009, ‘BIARI brings together scholars and practitioners from around the world to address pressing global issues through collaboration across academic, professional, and geographic boundaries.’ Prof Owolawi had attended BIARI I think in 2012 and after he told me about the benefits of participating in the 2-week all expenses paid intensive workshop, I made up my mind to apply immediately the 2014 call opens in four institutes. After applying to the institute specifically related to my field, I decided to apply to another institute in which I wrote a proposal on tackling gender imbalance in agriculture through crop processing and empowerment of women smallholder farmers. At the end of the selection process, it was the second application that was successful. Imagine if I didn’t make an extra effort to apply to the second institute. Most likely I would not have had the opportunity to attend the workshop that made me to better appreciate the importance of collaboration and system approach in research. What I am trying to show here is that doing more than expected usually pays off. Not only that, doing more than expected pleases God; earns recognition and advancement; enhances your reputation; builds others’ confidence in you; gives you more experience and knowledge. This week, don’t do what average people do, do more!

“Always deliver more than expected.” ~ Larry Page, Co-founder of Google