‘Don’t waste your travel’

It was Saint Augustine who said “The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page” Very profound. Travel can be exciting, stimulating, thrilling and breathtaking. We discover new places, meet interesting people and get to see more of this beautiful world created by our loving and wise God. However, we may not maximize our trip if we are not intentional and willing to break out of our comfort zone. For children of God, travel (whether within or outside of our country) presents an opportunity for us to also demonstrate our love for God. Let me quickly share with you what you should do if you don’t want to waste your travel. First, when you travel find time to pray for those you meet who are not born again. Mention their names to God if you know them. Second. Share your faith. When having conversation with people that you meet, look for opportunity to tell your hearers about Christ. For example, in the 5-bed room house I am currently staying in Winnipeg Canada, I have met Benjamin (doctoral student from Mexico; he is an atheist), Deepuhg (undergraduate Electrical Engineering student from Malaysia; he is Hindu), Brahim (Permanent resident of Canada and France; originally from Algeria. Brahim is Muslim), Ali (MSc Mechanical Engineering student from Iran; he is Muslim), Shaun (individual entrepreneur from Canada; recent convert to Christianity) and Jian (owner of the house. She is Chinese and atheist). I have had opportunity to share my faith with them. There was a day, Jian came around and Shaun asked me to tell her why she should choose Christianity out of all the religions in the world. Yours truly tried his best… Outside of the house, I have also shared about Christ to a doctoral (Physics) student from Syria (I can’t reminder his name), Ravinder (Food Science Masters student from India; he is Sikh) and Lee who I met few days ago at a park.  Lee who arrived from China 4 months ago doesn’t understand English Language but he has an app on his phone that transcribes voice to English and then Chinese language. It was interesting to hear the sound of what I said (Jesus loves you) on the app and to see his smile… And last but not the least, endeavor to learn. Learn from the people. Go out to the park. See nature. Shaun recommended that I visit St Vital Mall, St Vital Park, La Barrier Park and Redeemed Christian Church on St Mary’s Road (he added this because he knew I am a Nigerian). I will try my best to visit those places before I leave for South Africa. Before I forget, let me add that you should make friends when you travel for friendship is the most positive relationship you can develop.

“…As you go into all the world, preach openly the wonderful news of the gospel to the entire human race!” ~ Scripture