Engineer and Carpenter

One of the things I love to do daily is to jog /brisk walk. I do this whether I am in South Africa or outside of SA. Jogging or brisk walk provides an opportunity for me to meditate, see beautiful scenery and talk to strangers about Christ. Not too long ago, while doing it along Dalhousie road Winnipeg Canada, I met two teenage boys. One was an Indian and the other Caucasian. After they told me that they have given their lives to Christ, I encouraged them to be the best in their academics. One of the questions I asked them was what they wanted to be in future. The Indian guy said, an engineer while the other guy (Caucasian/white) said confidently ‘a carpenter.’ My response to the second guy was ‘interesting, Jesus Christ was also a Carpenter.” You see, it doesn’t matter what our title is, what matters is the content of our character. It is having a good attitude and love in our heart. It is working hard and being the best we can be whether we work as an engineer or a carpenter. We must just make sure we do all things to the glory of God. In addition, we must determine to have the “Creator based self-esteem’, one that comes from knowing we are made in the image of God and that we are complete through our union with Christ.