Four things you must internalize and do to experience richness!

  1. You have something. No man is created empty rather all of us are loaded with God given gifts, talents, dreams and desires. Some of us have also acquired great skills through formal and informal education. And if you have money in your pocket and bank account at the same time and also not in debt; you fall into the smallest group of wealthy people on planet earth. Dr David Jeremiah said “If you have money in your hand and your account, you are one of the 8% wealthy people in the world”
  2. There is abundance in the world. Change your mind set. There are enough resources- both human and materials- in the world for you to make it. Jeff Jarvis, author of What Would Google Do? wrote, ‘many industries built their value on scarcity because of the bedrock rule of economics, first written in 1767: the law of supply and demand” But according to him “not anymore”. Google has taught us to build our lives and companies on the fact that there is abundance and that we should only seek to manage abundance. Someone wrote on twitter “You will attract more people to you if you act and speak from abundance rather than scarcity”
  3. The power of affirmation. Affirmation is positive imagination and confession. Affirmation is Bible based. In the book of Proverbs, it says death and life are in the power of the tongues. In another place, it says, you will have what you say (i.e if you mean it and you are serious about it). So what must you do? Create a picture of the life you want and start thanking God that you have that life. Fergus O’ Connel wrote about this principle in his book, Earn more, Stress less; he wrote “ the idea behind affirmation is that you simply write down your goals 15 times a day and somehow, as if by magic, coincidences start to build until you achieve your objective against all odds”.  Think positive thoughts. Say positive words.  And finally,
  4. Just do it. David Taylor said the single difference between people who achieve success and those who don’t is action”. If you do something and it does not work, don’t give up, do something else. And if that doesn’t work, then something else. Richard Branson said “Take that first step. There will be many challenges. You might get a few knocks, but in the end, you will make it”