From ‘Broken to Golden’

In Japan there is an art form and philosophy called kintsukuroi, which means “to repair with gold”. When a ceramic pot or bowl breaks, the artisan would repair the pieces by using gold or silver lacquer to create something stronger, more beautiful, than what it was before. We are the same way. We may feel that our lives are breaking into a million pieces or that everything we are doing, perhaps in our career seem to be at a standstill however like the artisan made something majestic from the broken pieces, through God’s help, we can turn what seems broken in our lives into gold.  The members of Durban Christian Church (Jesus Dome) are example of people turning something ‘broken to golden.’ The church which was founded by Dr Fred and Mrs Nelie Roberts during the apartheid South Africa made sure all Christians irrespective of their race fellowshipped together. However, two years ago the main church (dome) was raised down by fire. The church is now building something better, bigger and iconic than the burnt and ‘broken’ dome. The members of the church are using their wisdom, faith and resources to turn what the enemy meant for evil to good. They are inspired even in their darkest times because they know God is with them. If you are going through a ‘broken’ experience, may God inspire you with hope and help you keep your eyes on Him, waiting for dawn to glow over the troubled horizon.