Good Success Belongs to You.

You don’t have to read Forbes’ magazine’s list of richest people on our planet to know that anyone could be successful. With common sense, discipline and opportunity anyone can achieve success in this life. One of the best books that I have ever read on acquiring financial success for example is The Ten Roads to Riches by Ken Fisher (with Lara Hoffmans). According to them you can use one of ten roads. (1) Start a successful business (2) Become CEO of an existing firm and juice it (3) Hitch to a successful visionary’s wagon and ride along (4) Turn celebrity into wealth (5) Marry well (6) ‘Steal it’, legally (7) Capitalize on other people’s money (OPM) (8) Invent an endless future revenue stream (9) Trump the land barons by monetizing unrealized real estate wealth and (10) Go down the Road More Traveled – save hard, invest well – forever! Very interesting you may say. We can see that many roads may lead to financial success in this life however only one road – the Way of the Word – leads to good success. Good success belongs to God’s children. Like healing, good success is (God’s) children’s bread. To me, good success is having Christ as the Lord and King of our lives; living in a relationship with God and doing His work (loving God and people) and becoming all that God has created us to be.


“A lack of understanding of our place in Christ and His place in our lives hinders us from success.” ~ Kenneth E. Hagin