Grace centered goals and resolutions

From a study performed by Statista in 2017 on individuals’ New Year’s resolutions in United States, 53% of the respondents wanted to save more money, 24% of respondents wanted to travel more, 23% wanted to read more books. Others wanted to improve their own personal health by losing weight or quitting smoking. These resolutions or ambitions such as reading, travelling, losing weight are good. More importantly, godly goals like attending church regularly, witnessing, praying or reading the Scripture daily are also great. However, it is easy to believe or act as if achieving these goals rests solely upon us. Ed Stetzer, Executive director of the Billy Graham Center once said “we must remember amidst the try-hard and obsessive goal-setting mentalities in the world we live in is that our God is the source of all gospel centered life change.” Very profound.  Obviously we must carefully plan by thinking ahead about our goals, steps and schedules but we must not forget that God is the one working in us. This year, let’s set goals and make resolutions with the attitude centered around God’s power and grace to help us to plan, anticipate and do great things instead of focusing on our strength. Such attitude will assist us to alleviate worry, anxiety and stress.

For God is working in you, giving you the desire and the power to do what pleases Him. Scripture

Credit: Ed Stetzer