Have You Been to the Cross?

By Billy Graham.

God says that someday every secret thing will be brought out (see Romans 2:16). And when I stand at the judgment in that day, I shall plead only one thing: the fact that one day by faith I went to the cross and gave my life to Jesus, and I had my sins cleansed by His blood. That is my only claim to Heaven. I don’t claim to be going to Heaven today because I have preached, or because I’m a good man. I claim to be going to Heaven only on the merit and the ground of Jesus and His death at the cross.

There are many things about the cross that I don’t understand. But this one thing I know—it is the way of salvation, and I’m to come by faith.

And once you’ve been to the cross and had the experience of His forgiveness and had an encounter with the Christ of the cross, you’re never the same.

Dear Lord, I acknowledge that Jesus’ death on the cross for my sins and His resurrection are my only means for eternal life and victory over sin and death. Thank You for this wonderful, sacrificial gift of ultimate love. May I live a life set apart to You in all things. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

Credit: Decisionmagazine