Just a reminder; all of us are fallible.

I just want to remind us this week that only God or His Word (Bible) is incapable of error i.e., not liable to mislead, deceive or disappoint. Chuck Swindoll writes in a recent article “While it is certainly true of Scripture to be infallible, it is not true of people. When it comes to humanity, fallibility is the order of the day… there is not one soul on this earth who is incapable of error, who is free from fault, who is unable to make mistakes, who is absolutely and equivocally reliable…” Swindoll also wrote that we usually trust our bodies, minds, and souls – with namely physicians, psychologists, and pastors. However, they have something in common with everyone else- fallibility.  According to Swindoll, out of the three, the pastor is the one, people tend to place on a pedestal, a certainly unscriptural practice. Swindoll said. To show that only the Scripture is infallible, Paul commended the Berean believers for examining the Scriptures to see whether what they heard from him were so. Swindoll ended his article with this “Put flawed human beings on a pedestal and they are bound to topple, fail, and disappoint, but God’s Word is holy, inerrant and totally reliable. To Him be the glory”

“When the chips are down, the wise and perfect among us even get it wrong. Be discerning and understanding.” ~ TB